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Unit of Measure

Pipe Material

N/A Carbon Steel

Pipe Size

N/A 1/2 in

Insulation Thickness

N/A 2.5 in

Centerline to Base

N/A 5.25 in

Top to Base

N/A 9-1/4 in

Outside Housing Diameter

N/A 10-1/8 in

Mounting Bolt Hole Centerline / Plane View

N/A 6.125 in

Mounting Bolt Hole Size

N/A 0.625 in

Mounting Bolt Hole Centerline / Side View

N/A 1-3/4 in

Pipe Clamp Movement

N/A 3 in

Maximum Movement

N/A 4 in


N/A 11 lbs

Top to Base

N/A 7-5/8 in